Celebrating African Heritage!

What’s the best way to kick off African Heritage month? By featuring some of the most beautiful and fashionable people of African decent.

Introducing: Joyce Bryant “The Bronze Blond Bombshell’

Bronze bomshellRaised in a strict Seventh Day Adventist family, Joyce Bryant become the first dark-skinned African-American woman celebrated by the mass media as a ‘sex-symbol’. Internationally-acclaimed in the early 1950′s for her four and a half-octave vocal range, Bryant packed ‘the big rooms’ in the U.S. and abroad.

Known for her perfect hour-glass figure and incredibly sultry act,  Joyce Bryant was dubbed “the black Marilyn Monroe”. Much like Monroe’s, Bryant’s life and talent were marked by failed relationships and pills.

As quickly as she became a star, as fast did she also fade from fame. The silver paint permanently damaged her hair and she increasingly became more religious, doubting her sexual image. She was once beaten in her dressing room for refusing an admirer’s advances. Years later, in an interview with  Essence magazine, she confessed that she had quickly stopped enjoying her career but couldn’t quit due to bad management and long-term bookings.

The first phase of her career ended in 1955 when she denounced it for the church. Despite problems with the IRS, she enrolled in a Seventh-Day Adventist College in Alabama and later became an evangelist.








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Wedding Day timeline

Wedding checklist 1

This is by no means a complete list, but it will help you keep track of the major tasks on your to-do-list.

12 Months before your big day:

  • Announce engagement to family and friends
  • Set a wedding date and budget and open joint account
  • Start clipping pictures of dresses and or inspiration for your wedding reception
  • Create a record keeping system for contacts, documents and contracts
  • Visit and book wedding venue
  • Contact and book clergy performing the service
  • Select and order wedding invitations and stationary
  • Contact vendors and start booking appointments
  • If your thinking of a new hair colour or cut for your big day this is the time to test it
  • Now is the time to work with your dentist to address any concerns
  • Discuss honeymoon destination with fiancée

9 Months before your big day:

  •  Announce your wedding party and meet to discuss their commitment to your big day
  • Take engagement photos
  • Start booking your vendors and finalize contracts
  • Start dress and accessories shopping
  • Start looking for hair and make-up ideas

6 Months before your big day:

  • Shop for wedding bands
  • Decide what the groom and grooms-men will be wearing
  • Bridesmaids should have dress and accessories ordered
  • Have mother of the bride and groom meet to co-ordinate wedding dress
  • Notify friends and family that you would like to participate in your ceremony
  • Choose gifts for wedding party
  • Start looking for wedding favour ideas
  • Scheduled hair and make-up trail
  • Visit dermatologist if you have any minor skin issues
  • Do a skin patch test if your starting a new skin care program
  • Consult a brow specialist if you need to re-grow and re-shape your brows

4 Months before your big day:

  •  Decide on menu
  • Confirm bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • Reserve rental equipment chair, linens, tents
  • Finalize guest list
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner
  • Check to make sure marriage licence/documents are in process
  • Time to re-access if you’re getting the desired results from your skin care program

1 Month before your big day:

  • Finalize your something old, blue and new
  • Pick-up wedding dress and groom’s attire
  • Break in wedding shoes at home
  • Start your at home tooth whitening treatment
  • Schedule your manicure and pedicure for the day before your wedding day
  • Have a make-up and hair trail

1 Week before your big day:

  • Finalize seating plan and submit to caterer
  • Prepare tip and payment envelopes for officiant and vendors, and appoint someone to distribute them.
  • Confirm honeymoon arrangements
  • Touch up hair colour and or roots
  • Confirm all beauty appointments
  • Get your brows, bikini, underarm etc. waxed
  • Last visit for a facial or body treatment
  • Limit your alcohol intake

Your Big day:

  • Relax and enjoy your day!







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Hello 2014…….

Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.  Goran Persson

Jan New Year 2014


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Party Essentials!

Hi everyone!  With the New Year fast approaching here are some carefully selected items to help cut the clutter, while maintaining your effortlessly chic image.

clutch contents

1) Bobby Pins: For a quick up-do or if your original pins fall out from all that dancing.

bobby pins


2)  Safety Pins: To mend wardrobe malfunctions.

safety pins

 3) Purse Size Perfume/Tester: A great way to save space and re-fresh your scent.

perfume tester

4) Car Key/Single Home Key: If you drive only take your car keys into the party, leave the rest of your key in the car. The same tip applies to your house key leave the bunch at home.

single key

5) Lip Gloss: Even if you started out with lip stick, a lip gloss can revamp your lips, add  a hint of sheen and make them irresistibility soft.

lip gloss

6) Cell Phone: If your tired of waiting for your girlfriend on CP time agree to meet in the club/party and stay connected by text.

cell phone

7) Money/Cab Fare: The New Year may find you needing new friends or a new companion so don’t get stuck not having enough money to catch a cab.

cash money

8) Gum: The individually wrapped kind takes up less space and keeps your breath fresh.

stick gum

9) Make-up Compact: Great for touching up your face for the count down picture. It also doubles as a handy mirror.

compact10) Sense of fun and adventure: What’s the point of dressing up if you don’t make an effort to have a good time.

grumppy cat

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Afro Fest 2012-Loved it!

The 2012 Afro Fest was one of the best ones yet, including the new location.  The line-up included: the Joy Lappas Trio, Lorraine Klaasen, the African Guitar Summit and many, many more. 

Joy Lapps Trio

Lorraine Klaasen

African Guitar Summit

 This free weekend long event held at Woodbine Park featured a fusion of Caribbean, Canadian and African cultures.  It was a great event to sample African/Caribbean cuisine, buy traditional African clothing or textiles and listen to the rhythmic beats from the drumming circle.







 The festival would not be complete without some pictures of beautiful women and their unique styles. Hope you enjoyed!






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Miss USA 2012……Is?

Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island was crowned Miss USA 2012

Miss Rhode Island-Olivia Culpo

If you missed the Miss USA pageant last night, here’s a recap of last nights events.
The pageant was held at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vagas.
The show was hosted by: Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic.  The judges included: Chef Cat Cora, Arsenio Hall, Joe Jonas, Marilu Henner, Ali Fedotowsky and Rob Kardashian.  Olivia Culpo form Rhode Island and  Jasmyn “Jazz” Wilkins from Georgia  were my favorite to win.  They both have a very warm, down to earth warmth to their personality.  Olivia Culpo will represent USA in this years Miss Universe pageant.

Hosts and Judges:


Top 10 contestants:

Top 10 contestants evening gowns:




Top 5 contestants:

And the winner is…..






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84th Annual Academy Awards best Dressed

 Here is our list of best dressed for the 84th Annual Academy awards.  The photos are in no particular order. Our choice was based on originality, fit and overall look.







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New England Patriots to Win Super Bowl 46


I’m not an avid sports fan but I do enjoy watching the end of season matches.  I decide to put a theory of mine into action to pick the winning team.  I wanted to see if the better dressed team would win the game.  In my opinion the uniform of the New England Patriots was the better looking uniform.  Based on that fact alone I predicted NEP to win.  However, looking good only works when it is paired with skill…….better luck next year guys!


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2012!

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Holiday Window Inspiration

Holiday windows to help you achieve a glamours New Years look.

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